Research Network in Zone-VI 

I.        Rajasthan 

A.        State Agricultural Universities 

1.         Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner - 334006

2.         Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur 313001 

B.        ICAR Research Institutes & their Sub-Station/Centres  

1.         NRC on rapeseed & Mustard, Bharatpur 321 303

2.         Central Institute of Arid Horticultur,e Bikaner 334 006

3.         NRC on Seed Spices, Tabiji, Ajmer 305 206

4.         Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur 342003

5.         Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, Avikanagar 304501

6.         NRC on Camel, Jorbeer, Bikaner 334001 

Regional Stations 

1.         IGFRI Regional Research Centr,e Tonk, Avikanagar - 304501

2.         NBPGR Regional Station, C/o. CAZRI, Jodhpur 342003

3.         CAZRI Regional Research Station, Pali-Marwar 306401

4.         CAZRI Regional Research Station, Jaisalmer 345001

5.         CAZRI Regional Research Station, Bikaner 334004

6.         CSWCR&TI Research Centra, Dadwara, Kota 324002

7.         NBSSLUP, Regional Research Station, Udaipur 313001

8.         CSWRI Arid Region Campus, Bikaner 334006

9.         Equine Production Campus, Bikaner 334001

C.        All Indian Network/Coordinatored Research Projects in Zone-VI 

1.         AICRP on Rapeseed-Mustard, Bharatpur - 321303

2.         AICRP on Pearl Millet, ARC, RAU (Mandore), Jodhpur 342304

3.         AICRP on Rodent Control, CAZRI, Jodhpur 342003

4.         AICRP on White Grubs & Other Soil Antrhopods, ARC, RAU (Dungarpur), Jaipur 302018

5.         Network Project on Arid Legumes, CAZRI, Jodhpur 342003

6.         AICRP on Arid Zone Fruits, CIAH, Bikaner 334006

7.         Network Project on Sheep Improvement, CSWRI, Avikanagar 304501

8.         AICRP on Pesticide Residues, RAU, Bikaner

9.         AICRP on Agricultural Ornothology, MPUA&T, Udaipur

10.       AICRP on Plant Parasitic Nematodes, MAPUA&T, Udaipur

11.       AICRP on FMD, Deptt. of A.H., Jaipur

12.       AICRP on ADMAS, Deptt. of A.H., Jaipur

13.       AICRP on GIP, CSWRI, Avikanagar

14.       AICRP on Blue Tongue, CSWRI, Avikanagar

15.       Network Project on Sheep Improvement, RAU, Bikaner (Magra), ARC, Bikaner (Marwari) and CSWRI, Avikanagar (Chokla)

16.       Network Project on Buffalo Improvement, LRS, MPUA&T, Vallabhnagar (Surti)

17.       AICRP on Gont Improvement, CSWRI, Avikanagar (Sirohi), RAU, Bikaner (Marwari) and MPUA&T, Udaipur (Sirohi)

18.       Network Project on Animal Genetic Resources, In-situ Chokla Sheep, CSWRI, Avikanagar

19.       AICRP on Cattle, GP Unit (Tharparkar), RAU, Bikaner and DR Unit (Tharparkar), RAU, Bikaner

20.       AICRP on PHT, RAU, Bikaner & RAU, Jaipur

21.       AICRP on PHT, CAZRI, Jodhpur

22.       AICRP on PHT, MPUA&T, Udaipur

23.       AICRP on Farm Implements and Machinery, MPUA&T, Udaipur

24.       AICRP on Renewable Energy Sources, MPUA&T, Udaipur

25.       AICRP on Utilization of Animal Energy in Agriculture, MPUA&T, Udaipur

26.       AICRP on Agroforestry, RAU, Fatehpur Shekhawati

27.       AICRP on Dryland Agriculture, RAU, Bikaner, Main Centre, Arjia

28.       AICRP on Agrometeorology, MPUA&T, Udaipur

29.       AICRP on Weed Control, RAU, Bikaner

30.       AICRP on Agrometeorology, RAU, Bikaner

31.       AICRP on Cropping System Research, RAU, Main Centre, Jaipur, On Farm Centre, Jodhpur

32.       AICRP on Cropping System Research, MPUA&T, Sub Centre, Kota, On Farm Centre Sirohi

33.       AICRP on Management of Salt affected Soils and use of Saline Water, RAU, Bikaner

34.       AICRP on Water Management, RAU, Sriganganagar

35.       AICRP on Water Management, MPUA&T, Kota

36.       AICRP on Spices, RAU, Jobner

II.       Gujarat 

A.        State Agricultural Universities 

1.         Anand Agricultural University, Anand - 388110

2.         Junagadh Agricultural Unviersity, Junagadh 362001

3.         Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari

4.         S. K. Nagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, S. K. Nagar, Dist. Banaskantha 385506 

B.        ICAR Research Institutes & their Substations/Centres 

1.         NRC for Groundnut, Junagadh - 362001

2.         NRC for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, Boriavi Anand -387310 

Regional Stations 

1.         Central Horticultural Experiment Station (CIAH), Vejalpur (Godhra), Panchmahal 389340

2.         CAZRI Regional Research Station, Bhuj 370105

3.         CSWCR&TI Research Centre, Valsad 388306

4.         CSSRI Research Statio, Yash Complex, Bharuch 392001

5.         Quality Evaluation Unit of CIRCOT, Surat 395007

6.         Estuarine Research Centre of CIFRI, Vadodara 390022

7.         Veraval Research Centre of CIFT, Matsyabhawan, Junagadh, Veraval 362269

8.         Veraval Research Centre of CMFRI, Veraval - 362269 

C.        All Indian Network/Coordinated Research Projects in Zone-VI 

1.         AICRP on Groundnut, NRC for Groundnut, Junagadh - 362001

2.         AICRP on Betelvine, Boriavi, Anand 387310

3.         AICRP on Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, Boriavi, Anand 387310

4.         Biological Control of Crop Pests and Weeds, AAU, Anand

5.         Agricultural Acarology, NAU, Navsari

6.         Pesticide Residues, AAU, Anand

7.         Rodent Control, JAU, Junagadh

8.         Nematodes, AAU, Anand

9.         PD-FMD, Deptt of A.H., Ahmedabad

10.       All India Network Programme on HS, Vet-College, Anand

11.       PD-ADMAS, Deptt. of A.H., Ahmedabad

12.       AICRP on Poultry Breeding, AAU, Anand

13.       Network Project on Buffalo Improvement, JAU, Junagadh (Mehsana Goats)

14.       Network Project on Animal Genetic Resources, SKDU, S.K. Nagar, AAU, Anand (Surti Goats), Core Lab., AAU, Anand

15.       AICRP on Goat Improvement, Surti Field Unit, NAU, Navsari

16.       AICRP on PHT, Junagadh

17.       AICRP on Renewable Energy Sources, SPRERI, Vallabh Vidyanagar

18.       AICRP on Agroforestry, SDAU, S.K. Nagar

19.       AICRP on Dryland Agriculture, JAU, Rajkot

20.       AICRP on Dryland Agriculture, SDAU, Dantiwara

21.       AICRP on Agrometeorology, AAU, Anand

22.       Coordinated Project on Weed Control, Dantiwara

23.       AICRP on Gopping System Research, SDAU, Dnatiwara Main Centre-S.K. Nagar, Sub Centre Navsari, Junagadh on Farm Centre Jagudan, Targhadia

24.       AICRP on Water Management, NAU, Navsari

25.       AICRP on Spices, Jagudan, SDAU, Dantiwara

26.       AICRP on Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, AAU, Anand