1.                    Popularization of improved production technology for field crops, vegetables and fruit crops.

   2.                    Dissemination of dry land/rainfed farming technology.

   3.                    Conservation of soil, water and natural resources.

   4.                    Moisture conservation and low cost water harvesting technology.

   5.                    Promotion of alternate land use system through perennial cropping, including silvi-pastoral and agro-horticulture.

   6.                    Reclamation of problematic soils and efficient use of poor quality water.

   7.                    Popularization of water saving devices such under ground cement/PVC pipe specially drip irrigation system.

   8.                    Integrated watershed management programmes.

   9.                    Pasture development.

10.                    Non-chemical farming/organic farming.

11.                    Vermi-culture and vermi-compost.

12.                    Popularization of IPM, INM, IWM programmes.

13.                    Promotion of eco-friendly bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers.

14.                    Diversification of farming and income supplementary programmes.

15.                    Live stock improvement through breeding, feeding and management.

16.                    Empowerment of farmwomen.

17.                    Popularization of Institutional Development

18.                    Popularization of Agro-Forestry

19.                    Popularization of Post Harvest Technology and Value Addition

20.                    Up-liftment in socio-economic status of women through income generating programmes.

21.                    Popularization of improved farm tools and implements.